About the Farm

My name is Kaycie Gilbreath and started Lil' Jim's Tick Tack Farm during November 2015 when I bought my first Does Willow and Esther in Kansas. I never dreamed that I would be working towards starting a dairy. I  work in Clayton, NM, my home town, as a Registered Nurse when I'm not working on the dairy. 

My adventure started in 2015 when I was having trouble with cows milk. The lactose from the milk was causing digestive issues and making me sick. I did not know that it was the milk at first and cut back on different groups of food till I came to that conclusion. I was so heart broken that I would have to give up my favorite food group. I did lots of trial alternatives like Almond milk, Diaya cheese, and Coconut milk. Sure they were all good, but nothing taste like fresh milk. I then remembered how much goat milk helped my niece with digestive issues and caused her to grow like a weed. I looked at different brands of goat milk that was available at the grocery store, but all seemed to have that distinctive goaty after taste. I then ran acrossed the Nigerian Dwarf Goats. I could not stop thinking about how cute these miniture goats were. So, I researched and researched, farm after farm for goats availiable around my home town, with no luck in sight. I started to just brush the idea off and stick to my alternative ways. But during a trip to Kansas to pick up vehicle parts, I was telling my mom and sister about the Nigerian Dwarf Goats. They suggested looking around the area we were going. Low and behold there was some available. That is when we traveled 40 more miles to B B Goats near Wichita, Kansas, where I purchased Willow and Esther (Pictured on the left). I did forget to tell my husband, Jerrett, that we had two new members of the family, but he thought if I believed in those little goats so much that we might as well invest in them. I then realized I needed to purchase some bucks. Once I found what I wanted, my mom and I traveled to Tuscon, Arizona to get Vintage Diesel and Fireball from DesertNanny.  I am now blessed with 6 new goat kids.

Sarabi (Pictures on the right) is the gaurdian of the goats, but just like any puppy, she acts more like a silly teenager. I want to thank Titanium Livestock in Texline, TX for this wonderful, lovably Great Pyrenees.

Why did I want to start a Nigerian Dwarf Goat Dairy in Clayton, NM? Well, just as in nursing, I want to serve the community I grew up in. I want to share products developed from these amazing little creatures. Yes there is more opportunity in larger cities, more jobs, and diversity, but I grew up in the country and love the wide open spaces. Plus I always had a place in my heart for animals and the people in Clayton. Also, being around animals is a way for me to breath and relax.  With hard work, dedication, a strong supporting family, Gods blessings, and a loving husband, I hope to provide the best quality dairy products and Nigerian Dwarf Goats around this region.  
My Husband, Jerrett Gilbreath, and I decided to do missionary work. If you would like to learn more and donate, explore below.